Your favorite iPhone is not providing battery backup as required? You can follow the following ways to increase iPhone battery backup.

some general

Before optimizing iPhone battery backup by changing

First of all, don't put your iPhone in a very cold or very hot environment. The performance of lithium-ion batteries is highly dependent on the ambient temperature.

Again, avoid charging the phone to 100% to ensure no extra stress on the battery. It is not right to charge the phone even with 0% charge remaining. Try to charge it when the battery is below 20% and remove it when it is 80% charged.

These are some very common ways to increase iPhone battery backup. Now let's know how to get better battery backup by tweaking iPhone settings.

Low Power Mode – iPhone Battery Saving

The best weapon to prevent iPhone battery drain is Low Power Mode. Background activities such as downloading and email fetching are disabled when low power mode is enabled.

Low power mode automatically turns on when the battery is below 20%. However, manually turning on this low-power mode provides significantly more battery backup.

লো পাওয়ার মোড

To turn on Low Power Mode, access the Battery menu from Settings, then turn on the toggle next to the Low Power Mode option. After turning it on, the battery icon in the top corner of the phone will turn yellow.

Auto brightness

the display consumes a huge portion of the smartphone battery. So it is better to set the Auto Brightness Select option as required. turn on auto brightness:

  • Enter the settings of the iPhone, enter the

  • Accessibility menu,

  • then select Display & Text Size

  • on the toggle next to Auto-brightness


. Using dark mode on iPhone saves a lot of battery. The dark mode is more convenient for the eyes.

To turn on dark mode on iPhone, first, enter the settings. Then enter the Display & Brightness option and select Dark and turn on the dark mode.

ডার্ক মোড

Location Services

Some important apps, such as Google Maps or Uber, require location services. However, location services consume a lot of iPhone batteries. If it is not necessary, in that case, enter the Settings and enter the Location Services from the Privacy menu and remove the unnecessary location permission.

Note that turning off location services may cause issues with apps that use location services. For example, Weather or Maps apps may not work. However, you can turn location services back on whenever you need them.

Background app refresh

continues after closing the iOS app for a while before reaching a dead state. If the Background App Refresh option is turned on, then closed apps are also updated in the background, which consumes the battery charge at a significant rate.

ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ড অ্যাপ রিফ্রেশ

The background app refresh option can be turned off completely or for specific apps. Enter the iPhone settings and access the Background App Refresh option from the General section. You can turn off the feature by tapping on this option.

👉 Do after buying a new iPhone


The iPhone screen lights up for every notification, which consumes the phone's battery. Turn off notifications for unnecessary apps by accessing the Notifications menu from Settings.

Also, multiple notification types of the same app, such as banners, status bars, etc. can be managed from here. You can turn off multiple notifications of the same app.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop

remain active in the background unless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop are turned off from the iPhone's settings. If these features are not turned off manually, they will continue to search for networks. So if not needed, these features should be turned off directly by entering the settings.

You can turn off Wi-Fi from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Bluetooth by entering the settings of the iPhone. Besides, the battery can be saved by entering the AirDrop section from the General menu of the settings and selecting the Receiving Off option. Don't forget to turn off these settings by entering the appropriate menu if not required.

👉 To keep iPhone battery health better


Suggestions Siri can provide suggestions based on your activity, known as Siri Suggestions. It is a background activity that consumes the battery unknowingly. To turn off this feature, access the Siri & Search menu from Settings. Turn off Siri Suggestions from here.

Turn Off Siri Suggestions

Besides, if the feature of using Siri by saying “Hey, Siri” is turned on, it consumes battery charge all the time. To turn off this feature, turn off the Listen for Hey Siri option from the Siri & Search menu in Settings. If you want, you can turn on the Press side button for the Siri option, which basically activates Siri by pressing the side button.

Motion Effects

Avoid using dynamic or moving wallpapers to save battery. Always try to use static wallpaper.

Also, if you enter the Accessibility menu from Settings and then the Motion section and turn on the toggle next to Reduce Motion, the animation will show a little less and the battery backup will increase.

iCloud is busy backing up photos and videos on the phone to the cloud unless turned off in iCloud

settings. Naturally, this process consumes a lot of batteries. So iCloud can be closed if not needed.

আইক্লাউড এর অটো ব্যাকাপ ফিচার অফ

To save battery by turning off iCloud's auto backup feature, go to the Photos option in iPhone settings. Then turn off the toggle next to the iCloud Photos option.


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