80% SEO strategy for a website in just 7 days

What is the easiest way to do SEO?

Web SEO 2022, Web SEO Course, Web SEO Tutorial. Website SEO Tips 2022. Website SEO Techniques Website SEO class. Website SEO Technologies. Fast SEO strategy. Many people want to bring a lot of visitors by SEO their site with less effort. SEO is very important in web development. At present web SEO is difficult to get visitors without search engine optimization. However, now there are SEO agencies or consultants who can do SEO.There are various web tools that can be used for easy SEO. On Page SEO is a very important platform for web development. On-page SEO is very important to bring a website to the top. All these SEOs are very important to increase the visitors to the site in the right way. Off Page SEO is very important for web development and site ranking. Off Page SEO is much needed to take a site to Google. On Page SEO, OFF PAGE Without SEO it is not possible to bring the website to the top.

Ten Amazing Website SEO Tips

Backlinks: If you want to SEO a website, you have to take backlinks from different sites for the website from the very beginning. On different sites you can get pure backlinks from guest posts or their sites with different help. SEO will have a significant impact on your website in the future.
Social Media Share: Social media share is one of the best platform for perfect SEO of a website. Regularly share different posts or different content of your website on different social media. Your website will come to the top very fast and pure visitors will come to the website.
You can get backlinks from different social media platforms by sharing your website links. In other words, by registering on different social media or different websites, you can add a link to your website with the account. Which serves as a very good backlink.
There are many famous forum sites or question answer sites in the world.Where you can regularly share the post link or website link of your website by answering various questions. This will allow you to create a very good backlink from here. This will have a much better effect on the SEO of your website.
On Page SEO is much more important if you want to SEO a website well or bring it to the top in search. When you post regularly on your website. Then try to SEO very good on-page SEO related to the keyword that you will work with. As a result, your posts will be indexed on Google very quickly and will help you to get on the fast page of Google.
Update posts on the website regularly. That is, highlight new information and delete old information. As a result, your website article will be user friendly for any user and it will have a very good effect on SEO.
Use a theme that loads very quickly if you want to do SEO on the website. Which will increase the speed of your website a lot. In addition, the speed of the website is much more important in the case of the web. So always try to keep the speed of the site good.
Image optimization is much more important in website SEO. Upload your website with very low resolution and simple SEO friendly image optimization. As a result, the pages of your website will load very quickly and in this case will have a great effect.
Do promotional marketing with your website and share your website in several places to bring you to the top. Moreover, continue regular marketing. This will help your website to become popular very quickly and will have a much better effect on SEO. Follow the amazing tips for website SEO, I hope you get a lot of good feedback. Success will come at one time by publishing unique content regularly. Web Development, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Web Tools, Web Maker.
Follow the amazing tips for website SEO, I hope you will get a lot of good feedback. Success will come at one time by publishing unique content regularly. Web Development, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Web Tools, Web Maker.

What is On Page SEO? How to do

On Page SEO is very important for a web development. If you can't top your website then visitors will not come from your website. No income will be generated from the website.
On Page SEO is a platform that you have to do from your website. There are some things that need to be done inside the website so that all the important articles or posts on your website will get to the top of Google very soon. On Page SEO is very important to make a website popular. If you want to do website on page SEO, you have to follow some perfect tips, then the website will come to the top very quickly.


There are many types of on-page SEO for a website. But I will share with you today 7 of them important onpage SEO tips or secret tricks. If you can follow then all the articles on your web site will be removed in a very short time. Learn more about On Page SEO below to know more about On Page SEO.

Headline Optimization for On Page SEO

Headline on page SEO is very important for a web development. A website article comes to the top of Google only when the headline of a website is very interesting and beautiful. You use a headline that engages the headline SEO and is simply attractive. Which will be indexed by Google very soon and will go to the top in google.
Always use some interesting headlines. Seeing that any visitor will come to visit your website very easily. Create some uncommon emotional headlines by researching headlines. The headlines that all visitors create as an attraction.

 On Page SEO by keyword research

You wrote the article with a keyword. Google already has thousands of types of articles. There are a lot of related content that Google has already brought to the top. If you post these, you will not be able to get to the top of Google.
There will be many more things to come to Google Top. Some of the keywords you will work with are low computer keywords. Some keywords that many people still do not work with. The possibility of them coming to the top in the future may increase. Work with keywords that have a high CPC. Many people still use these, so keyword selection is much more important when it comes to website development. Only keywords can bring your website to the top.

 Perfect content for on page SEO

Creating the perfect content is much more important than doing a website development on page SEO. You created a contact that Google has a lot of contacts. That content will not be SEO fast and indexing will not be fast.
Duplicate content never comes to the fore. You can create content that is brand new to Google. If you can create content by doing various researches, you will be able to bring these posts to the top very quickly. You can create your content perfectly. So in the case of On Page SEO, the importance of perfect content is much higher.
Image optimization in the case of On Page SEO

Image Optimization is a very important platform for web development on page SEO. In other words, you can bring a lot of visitors to your site through image optimization. When we search on Google, when we search for images, many visitors enter other people's sites from there.

If you can do image optimization well then you can bring many visitors to your website from the image. In other words, just as we search an article and see the article, so many of us look at the image by searching.

If you want to do web development, on page SEO and if you want to keep the site super fast, you must do image optimization. That means use an image that is copyright free. Of course you are below the minimum of 40/50 KB. Image optimization is very important for increasing site speed and for on page SEO.

Category & Meta Description On Pag SEO

When you take an article for On Page SEO for web development, you must give a category or meta description. You have to select the related category of the related article that you will write. You need to add some focus keywords in the meta description. Besides, you have to give information about the meta description in the article you have written.

If the meta description is interesting then any visitor will come to your website very easily. What do you think of the description? Then it will be very good for any more people. Those of us who search various topics or related topics in Google, then you visit the site after seeing the headline and meta description. The meta description and keyword related categories are much more important to bring visitors to the website or to bring the site to the top in terms of web development.

How big the content should be written to do on page SEO

Many times when it comes to our website or web development we can't bring the website to the top. The main reason is that we write very short articles or content on our website. This means that the bigger the content you write and the smaller it is, the more annoyed the visitors will be. So writing content of that size will seem very responsive to any visitor.

A small incomplete article causes such annoyance to the customer. Similarly, a very large article can cause annoyance to any planet. Always keep the scope of any website article within the medium range. In other words, you can give articles in the field of web development from one thousand to two thousand.

You can use the necessary keywords and sub-headings in the article. Then a web development as well as any visitor will feel very helpful. So try not to give too many small articles and not too many large articles. This will make your website SEO on page, and will play a much more effective role in web development.

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